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Lounge seat cushion Panama Customization

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Lounge seat cushion Panama Customization

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ACRYSUN Panama - 100% Solution Dyed ACRYLIC with Teflon coating

  • Color fastness
  • UV resistance
  • water repellent

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Which powerbank do you choose?

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From 43,30 €
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Delivery time approx. 5-10 days

Own production facilities

Made in EU

Delivery time approx. 5-10 days

Own production facilities

Made in EU

Lounge seat cushion

Each Lounge seat cushion is custom-made to fit your unique requirements. You are free to choose the size, shape, and fabric according to your preferences. Whether it's a Lounge chair, sofa, or other Lounge furniture, we tailor the cushion size to your needs.

Discover the luxury of relaxed seating with our custom-designed Lounge seat cushions. These cushions are specifically designed to provide a higher seating position, perfectly fitting the typically lower-placed Lounge furniture.

Our Lounge seat cushions are filled with thicker foam, which provides a higher seating position. This is ideal for Lounge furniture that is often placed closer to the ground. The result is a more comfortable and relaxing seating experience. Furthermore, the thicker filling ensures longer durability, allowing you to enjoy your cushions for an extended period.

Product information:

Type of product: Lounge seat cushion
Size: made to measure
Material of the outer cover: It depends on the choice of the customer.

- Foam: elastic polyurethane, density 23-26 kg/m3 according to 1988 ISO 845, hardness (CLD, 40%): 3,25-4,25 kPa, according to ISO 1986 : 3386/1,
- Fleece: The foam surface is covered at the top and bottom with 100% heat-set polyester blanket HACOsoft ® PES - 150 g/m2 (comfort aspect).

Inner cover: non-woven polypropylene fabric (Vliseline PP 40gr/m2). In this regard lays the filling.
Special features: with zip, removable outer cover
Operating instructions: washable at 30 degrees (outer cover)
Please note that the ordered products cannot be manufactured exactly to the millimeter. The overlay can be manufactured with a tolerance of +/- 1 cm.
Certifications: ÖKOTEX® seal of approval: STANDARD 100 for fabrics and STeP for manufacturing

Color fastness, UV resistance, water repellent


Material properties: 100% fiber-dyed ACRYLIC with Teflon coating!

• Recommended for outdoor use due to its water and oil repellency and UV resistance.
• Withstands heavy use (220 g / m2).
• Long lifetime. The raw material manufacturer guarantees a 3-year lifetime guarantee.
• Spilled dirt can be easily washed off.
• Provides comfortable and convenient indoor use.
• Fulfills the criteria of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
• Wash the outer cover inside out at 30°C!
• Air dry, do not tumble dry!
• Do not use chemical cleaning!
• After washing, iron pillowcases at low temperature to reactivate the water-repellent Teflon coating!


Composition: 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic
Weight: UNI EN 12127:1999: 220 gr/mq
Finish: Teflon water and oil repellent
Color fastness to artificial light: UNI EN ISO 105-B02:2014: 7/8
Color fastness to weathering: UNI EN ISO 105-B04:2000: 7/8
Martindale: UNI EN ISO 12947-1:2000:
Pilling: UNI EN ISO 12945-2:2002:
Color fastness to water: UNI EN ISO 105:E01:2013: 5
Color fastness to chlorinated water: UNI EN ISO 105-E03:2010: 5
Color fastness to sea water: UNI EN ISO 105-E02:2013: 5
Color resistance to rubbing DRY: UNI EN ISO 105-X12:2016: 4/5
Color resistance to rubbing WET: UNI EN ISO 105-X12:2016: 4
Color fastness to domestic and commercial laundering 50° UNI EN ISO105-C06:2010: 5
Breaking Load: UNI EN ISO 13934-1:2013 WARP: 1500 Newtons - Elongation: 26%
Use of a softener is not advised, after washing ironing reactivates the Teflon treatment

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"The outdoor cushions I ordered with very individual dimensions were manufactured and delivered super quickly, fit perfectly and look great! Gladly again!"

"The outdoor cushions I ordered with very individual dimensions were manufactured and delivered super quickly, fit perfectly and look great! Gladly again!"

"Very good quality. Color perfect."

"The editions were delivered very quickly in relation to the required custom-made production. The quality makes a very good impression. We are very happy with them so far."

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"Great pillows, we are very satisfied!"

"Fast delivery and good quality!"

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Lounge seat cushion Panama Customization

Lounge seat cushion

Lounge seat cushion

Die Haupteigenschaften des von Ihnen gewhlten Stoffes "Panama" sind die hervorragende wasser- und labweisende Eigenschaft und die vorzgliche UV-Bestndigkeit. Deshalb empfehlen wir diesen Stoff fr den Auenbereich. Der Stoff verfgt ber lange Lebensdauer und Haltbarkeit. Verschtteter Schmutz kann leicht abgewaschen werden. Es ist beruhigend, am Ende eines langen Tages im Garten zu sitzen und die Wunder der Natur zu sehen. Unser Lounge Sitzkissen ist die perfekte Wahl fr Sie. Unsere Farbpalette ist riesig. Zu allen Vorstellungen finden Sie sicher ein perfektes Kissen. In unserer Farbpalette gibt es einzelne Materialien, die durch die Teflon-Bearbeitung ber wasserabweisende Eigenschaft verfgen und sie gute UV-Bestndigkeit haben. Gibt es spezielle Mae Ihrem Mbel? Auf unserem Webshop knnen Sie die Kissen nach Ma bestellen.


Art des Produktes: Lounge Sitzkissen
Gre: nach Ma gefertigt
Material des Auenbezugs: Es hngt von der Wahl des Bestellers ab.

- Schaum: Elastischer Polyurethan,Dichtigkeit 23-26 kg/m3 lt. 1988 ISO 845, Hrte (CLD, 40%): 3,25-4,25 kPa, lt. ISO 1986 : 3386/1,
- Vlies: Die Schaumoberflche wird oben und unten mit 100 % thermofixiert Polyesterdecke HACOsoft ® PES - 150 g/m2 bedeckt (Bequemlichkeitaspekt).

Innenbezug: Non-Woven-Polypropylen-Gewebe (Vliseline PP 40gr/m2). In diesem Bezug legt die Fllung.
Besondere Eigenschaften: mit Reiverschluss, abnehmbarer Auenbezug
Betriebsanleitung: waschbar bei 30 Grad (Auenbezug)
Bitte beachten Sie, dass die bestellten Produkte nicht exakt auf den Millimeter angefertigt werden knnen. Die Auflage kann mit einer Toleranz von +/- 1 cm hergestellt werden.
Zertifizierungen: KOTEX®-Gtesiegel: STANDARD 100 fr Stoffe und STeP fr die Herstellung

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